Mindfulness Teacher

Angela Mazur

Angela Mazur, LCSW is a psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher. She holds master degrees in Social Work and Counseling and has trained in the Mindful Schools and the Mindful Self-Compassion curriculums. She integrates mindfulness into her psychotherapy practice, has taught mindfulness in elementary schools and Mindful Self-Compassion groups with adults.

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Peace of Mind

Meditation Resources

Meditation is a simple practice that helps one to become aware of whatever arises in the present moment with acceptance. We learn to meet what we experience internally and externally with pause and equanimity. Suffering is met with self-compassion as we would treat a loved one and is seen as part of community humanity. We motivate from a place of kindness, change negative habitual patterns through wisdom and become more resilient in the face of struggle.

Please enjoy these Mindful Self-Compassion meditations. They are sent from my heart to yours.

"There is an interdependence of the harp and the loving kindness meditation that lead to Zen feelings, I’d say..."

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